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  • CTSU E1910
  • This study in being done to determine what affects (good and bad) the therapy blinatumomab has on your type of cancer (BCR/ABL negative Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). This new therapy will be added to what has traditionally been used to treat your specific sub-type of ALL. Studies are being done in ALL and other blood cancers with blinotumomab. It is hoped that blinatumomab will target your B-cell ALL and destroy these specific cells, but it has not yet been proven.

  • SWOG S1318
  • The purpose of this study is to test any good and bad effects of adding the drug blinatumomab to different doses of standard combination of chemotherapy drugs.  This will help to determine if these standard therapy drugs can be given at lower doses (when given with blinatumomab) in order to reduce overall side effects and be effective in treating ALL.  The addition of blinatumomab, an investigational drug, to usual treatment could help get rid of the leukemia cells and help keep them from coming back, but it could also cause side effects.  Researchers hope to learn if the addition of the study drug will keep the leukemia cells from coming back for a longer period of time than usual treatment alone.  One of the other drugs being used, dasatinib, has been approved for other types of leukemia, but is investigational for this study.