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  • This will clinical trial will include you in a research study called The National Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) Study. The purpose of this project is to collect your blood, bone marrow and other tissues (eyebrow hairs, cells from the inside of your cheek (also called buccal cells), and/or skin) and information from you and other patients to investigate how your disease changes over time.  This knowledge will allow doctors to better understand how MDS changes over time and may lead to better ways to prevent, detect, and treat MDS.

    The samples and information collected from you will be used to create a database and central biorepository (a special laboratory where samples are stored) that will be used for future research. 

  • SWOG S1612
  • The purpose of this study is to compare any good and bad effects of using different new treatment options to one of the current standard treatment options given for patients with AML or MDS who cannot tolerate or do not want to get intensive chemotherapy.  The investigators will keep testing new treatments to see if they have any different effects on patients and their cancer when compared to the standard.  Each patient will only get one type of treatment on the study.  This is described more below. If one of the new treatments seems to help patients more than the current standard, the study will start to use that treatment as the new standard.  If any of the treatments is not as helpful for any reason, or the bad effects are too severe, then that treatment will no longer be used in this study.  The investigators want to use this study to find better treatment options for AML or MDS patients who do not get intensive chemotherapy.